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The Toronto Arts Report is pleased to release Toronto indie band Champion Ski's new music video, "Unagi".

Set against a backdrop of psychedelic sushi scenarios, Champion Ski performs a grand ode to the culinary treat, specifically to the barbecued eel variety. The band collaborated with reclusive 3-D artist Wicked Digital for the sushi effects as well as with Nirvanna the Band the Show's cinematographer Jared Raab, with wildly exciting visual results.

The song, originally conceived in the shower by lead guitarist and vocalist Brian Vendiola, carries a quietly playful melody, leaving the listener in a sweet little state of sublime sushi reverie:

"I was inspired by Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" because it's a simple music video, where nothing happens, just dancing and visuals. I feel like a lot of music videos out there feature some kind of mini narrative and I never care for any of that...I wanted to see if I could come up with a complex melody, but keep it catchy. But the melody came up first before I even had lyrics. It was our friend Luke's love of unagi (freshwater eel), especially when we were in our AYCE sushi phase, that inspired the lyrics. I'd never heard of unagi before, and when Luke mentioned how he wouldn't eat at a restaurant that didn't have unagi, I assumed it was bomb-ass sushi. And sure enough it was. It's probably my favourite kind of sushi. But going back to the song, I was amused by the thought of "sushi so good that you'd want to... you know, in the restaurant". So that's how that started." (Brian Vendiola)

Champion Ski are playing the Monarch Tavern on February 16th, doors at 8:30:

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Check them out on Apple Music, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

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