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shy kids is a Toronto-based troupe of filmmakers and musicians.

Check out their latest song 'weak' here:

Can you tell me about the process of making 'weak'? What was on your minds?

The song was initially created as a demo by Pat. The song felt like something TLC would write but they are so strong and independent. I guess we wrote more from the Scrub perspective. We then added some live piano and voila.

How have the shy kids been dealing with the pandemic?

We have created in quarantine for most of our existence already. Mentally it’s been tough but our process hasn’t changed too much. Maybe just slowed down some.

What are your plans, looking forward? When do you hope to play a live concert? We need to re-think everything. Live concerts, university, bars. We are heading towards a collision course with nature and we need to listen to her. She is much wiser than us.

Why is love music important?

Our best songs have the word “Love” in the title. Love is the thing that we need most in the world. And WAP...

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